Side Projects



Eclectic 17 piece ensemble led by Daniel Riegler. Website


Synesthetic-Octet_1-Astrid-Knie-©-kleiner-640x446SYNESTHETIC OCTET

Vincent Pongrácz’ band developed out of the “stage-band-project” at the Viennese jazz club Porgy & Bess, and is loosely speaking a blend between the sound aesthetics of 90’s Hip Hop and a windinstrument sound that reminds of 60’s Gil Evans records. Website


MAX NAGL – Ensemble/Wumm! Zack! Vol. II etc.

Learn more about Max Nagl’s music here.


PAUL ZAUNER – Quartet/Blue Brass etc.

The organizer of the fabulous Inntöne-Festival, the PAO label etc. is always up to something – click here.





The VIO focuses on conducted instant composition, a specific form of experimental composition and complex improvised music. Within an oscillating process, musicians and conductor together create ad hoc compositions, – mediated by a vocabulary of hand-sign conducting. Website



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