Var. Art.

jazz bei ralf

JBR Records 001/02


  1. I Remember Clifford
  2. The Song Is You
  3. The Invisible Waltz
  4. The Lady Is A Tramp
  5. Jeannine
  6. Pivete
  7. Tapete Azul + Verde Amarelo
  8. Etna
  9. 500 Miles High
  10. Bumpfi’s Mood For Love (C. Wenger) 
  11. Cooking At Ralf’s (C. Salesny)


  1. I Thought About You
  2. Ciganka
  3. God’s Song
  4. Sail Away
  5. The World Isn’t Fair
  6. At Last
  7. Kannst du mi’ net hör’n?
  8. I’ druck mi’ in mei’ Winkerl
  9. Manifest
  10. I derf an Wien net denken
  11. U.W.G.
  12. Mad
  13. What’s The Use Of Getting Sober
  14. Use Me

CD I, Tracks 10, 11:

Clemens Salesny – alto saxophone, clarinet
Clemens Wenger – piano

Live recorded and mixed by (2001) Jörg and Armin Stadler and (2002) Werner Lachmann.
Mastering by
Produced/ all photos (except on backsides and CDs) by ralf.
Produced + © 2003



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