Var. Art.

generations 2010 – internationales jazztreffen frauenfeld

Generecords 5707


  1. Better Alone
  2. Luar De Sertao
  3. Angry Shuffle
  4. Behemot’s Dance
  5. I Should Care
  6. Liages
  7. Longing To Reflect
  8. Boundless Suite, Part I
  9. Juicy Lucy


  1. Rollins Tune
  2. Ballad For A Bad Lady
  3. Nemesis
  4. My Grown Up Christmas List
  5. Theme From “French Connection” (Don Ellis) 
  6. In A Turkish Bath (Don Ellis) 
  7. Indian Lady (Don Ellis)

CD II, Tracks 5-7:
Don Ellis Tribute Orchestra:

Thomas Gansch – solo trumpet
Markus Geiselhart – conductor
Aneel Soomary, Josef Burchartz, Bernhard Nolf, Markus Exenberger – trumpet
Dominik Stöger, Robert Bachner, Martin Grünzweig, Erik Hainzl – trombone
Florian Trübsbach, Clemens Salesny, Thomas Kugi, Christian Maurer, Herwig Gradischnig – reeds
Martin Koller – guitar
Raphael Preuschl – bass
Herbert Pirker, Lukas König – drums

Digital Two-Track recording by Martin Pearson for Radio DRS
Produced by Peter Bürli for Radio DRS 2
Musical Supervision: Roman Schwaller
Mastered by Rolf Stauffacher, at “studio b”
Executive Producer: Robert Fürer for generecords
Graphic Art: Koch Kommunikation
Cover Art: Urs Stuber

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