Transit Room


JazzWerkstatt Records JWR 02/13 – LP 45 RPM












  1. 345 Cypher (Andreas Waelti)
  2. Ashan (Samuel Blaser)
  3. Bang (Samuel Halscheidt)
  4. Copacabana Callboy ’86 (Samuel Halscheidt)
  5. Szymczak (Transit Room)

Clemens Salesny – alto sax
Samuel Blaser – trombone
Samuel Halscheidt – guitar
Andreas Waelti – bass
Tobias Backhaus – drums

Recorded on 14th of November 2012 at “Studio P4” Berlin by Martin Ruch
Mixed and mastered at “Weltschall” Berlin by Martin Ruch,
Fotos And Videos by Stephan Talneau
Artwork by Barbara Nedved
Produced by Andreas Waelti

Downloadcode For Audio And Video Files included

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