Synesthetic Octet


JazzWerkstatt Records JWR 03/14











  1. Zaunkönig
  2. Rastlos
  3. Luftschutz
  4. Femton
  5. Related
  6. XXO
  7. Alice
  8. Regungslos


Vincent Pongrácz – clarinet, composer, leader
Renee Benson – vocals (on Alice)
Doris Nicoletti – flute, piccolo
Clemens Salesny – bass clarinet, stritch
Richard Köster – trumpet
Alois Eberl – trombone
Peter Rom – guitar
Manuel Mayr – double bass, electric bass
Lukas König – drums, percussion

All compositions by: Vincent Pongrácz
Recording Engineer: Martin Ruch
Mixed and mastered by: Martin Ruch
Recording Assistant: Thierry Looser & Markus Wallner
Recording Engineer (Overdubs): Markus Wallner
Assistent Audio Engineer: Michal Wasyl
Produced by: Vincent Pográcz and Martin Ruch
Recorded at: Audiomanufactur, Recpublica Studios and 4tune Audio Productions
Paintings by: Vincent Pongrácz
Recorded 2014

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