Studio Dan


JazzWerkstatt Records JWR 03/12

  1. Gruntz für Violoncello Solo (Riegler)
  2. Sonus Gruntzus Enormus (Riegler/Wenger)
  3. Armes Schwein – Teil 1 (Wenger)
  4. Armes Schwein – Teil 2 (Wenger)
  5. Gruntz für gemischtes Jazzensemble (Riegler)
  6. Ouvertüre (Wenger)
  7. Beim Trinkgelage (Wenger)
  8. Dekadenz (Riegler)

Daniel Riegler – cond
Gunde Jäch-Micko – violin
Martina Engel – violin
Julia Purgina – viola
Maiken Beer – cello
Bernd Satzinger – bass
Maria Augustin – flute, alto flute
Astrid Kendl – oboe, english horn
Maria Gstättner – bassoon
Clemens Salesny – alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet
Martin Eberle – trumpet
Philip Yaeger – trombone
Peter Rom – guitar
Clemens Wenger – piano, keyboards, electronics
Andreas Moser – marimba, orch. perc
Leo Riegler – electronics, turntables
Tibor Kövesdi – e-bass
Wolfgang Kendl – drums

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