Still Experienced

road to nowhere

PG Records SD 10290

  1. Road To Nowhere (C. Haller)
  2. Sun And Rain (C. Haller)
  3. The Light Will Be Ever On (P. Guschelbauer)
  4. Burn Out (C. Haller)
  5. Snow In The Desert (C. Haller)
  6. Suzie Wong (C. Haller)
  7. Morning, Morning (C. Haller)
  8. I Want You (C. Haller)
  9. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind (P. Guschelbauer)
  10. Swiss Blues (C. Haller)
  11. Don’t Tell Me Lies (P. Guschelbauer)
  12. Bridgewater Moon (C. Haller)
  13. Castles Made Of Sand (J. Hendrix)
  14. Angel (J. Hendrix)
  15. Little Wing (J. Hendrix)

Chris Haller – lead-vocals, guitar
Peter Guschelbauer – bass, organ, backing-vocals
Didi Donauer – dr, percussion

Jessica Vigneault – lead-vocals, organ
Gabriella Haenninnen – backing-vocals
Reynhard Boegl – bluesharp
Christoph Cech – piano
Clemens Salesny – soprano-, alto-, tenor saxophones

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Electric Sounddesign Studio by Christoph Kapfer
Cover: Nikola Gringinger
Produced by Chris Haller and Peter Guschelbauer for PG Records
© 2007

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