Sharp Eleven

austrian saxophone orchestra

PG Records SD 10262

  1. Force On Fours (K. Gesing)
  2. Dodekasaxophonie (C. Cech)
  3. Ruhig was Ruhiges (K. Schmid)
  4. Diatonisches Unisono für Saxophon12tett (K. Schmid)
  5. Anboura Talem (T. Mandel)
  6. Stop – Bush! (F. Bramböck)

Ilse Riedler – soprano-, tenor saxophones, bassclarinet
Christian Bachner – soprano-, tenor saxophones
Klaus Bräuer – soprano-, alto saxophones, bassclarinet
Bernhard Brunmair – alto-, baritone saxophones, clarinet, bassclarinet
Klaus Gesing – soprano saxophones, bassclarinet
Jürgen Haider – soprano-, alto saxophones, flute
Heinrich v. Kalnein – soprano-, alto saxophones, flute
Rainer Lanzersdorfer – alto-, tenor saxophones
Stefan Moll – alto-, baritone saxophones
Peter Rohrsdorfer – alto-, bass saxophones, clarinet
Clemens Salesny – alto saxophone, clarinet, bassclarinet
Karlheinz Schmid – tenor-, baritone saxophones

Recorded live at Brucknerhaus Linz and Kubinsaal Schärding 2003


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