Salesny/Schabata/Preuschl + Herbert Joos

JazzWerkstatt Records JWR 02/07

  1. Sound Stone (C. Salesny)
  2. Tahmine (R. Preuschl)
  3. Wienerwald Impressions (Salesny/Schabata/Preuschl/Joos)
  4. Time Out (W. Schabata)
  5. Player (W. Schabata)
  6. Strictly Improvised (Schabata/Preuschl/Joos)
  7. 100 Years (R. Preuschl)
  8. Landscape 2 (Salesny/Schabata/Preuschl/Joos)
  9. Stuffed Chicken (C. Salesny)
  10. Landscape 1 (Salesny/Schabata/Preuschl/Joos)
  11. Circus Tomate (C. Wenger)
  12. Epilog (Salesny/Schabata/Preuschl/Joos)

Clemens Salesny – alto-, soprano saxophones, bassclarinet
Woody Schabata – vibraphone
Raphael Preuschl – bass
Herbert Joos – trumpet, fluegelhorn

Recorded on February 24th and 25th, 2007 at 4tune Audio Production, Vienna by Werner Angerer
Mixed and Mastered by Werner Angerer
Photographs and Graphic Design by Helmut K. Lackner
© 2007 JazzWerkstatt Records

This record is dedicated to the memory of Bumi Fian (1960-2006)

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