Paul Zauner’s Blue Brass feat. David Murray

Roots n’ Wings

PAO Records PAO 11340


  1. Hongkong Nights (D. Murray)
  2. Scooter (D. Murray)
  3. Spoonin’ (D. Murray)
  4. Obe (D. Murray)
  5. Blues For Ruben (D. Murray)
  6. Roots And Wings (D. Murray)
  7. Jekyll & Hyde (C. Salesny)


David Murray – tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Mario Rom – trumpet
Clemens Salesny – alto saxophone
Klemens Pliem – tenor saxophone
Paul Zauner – trombone
Carlton Holmes – piano
Wolfram Derschmidt – bass
Dusan Novakov – drums

Recorded at 4tune Vienna / Recording Engineer: Christoph Burgstaller
Mixing and Mastering Engineer: Christoph Burgstaller
Musical Director: David Murray
Arranged by David Murray, except Jekyll & Hyde by Clemens Salesny
Produced by Paul Zauner
Design: Birgit Aichinger