Nouvelle Cuisine

swing! – Absolutely live at porgy & bess vienna

Extraplatte EX 899-2










  1. Woody Vulgo Tenor Tacet (C. Cech)
  2. Changes** (C. Mühlbacher)
  3. Trumpet Masala (C. Mühlbacher)
  4. Ah so I?! (C. Cech)
  5. Noumanji (C. Mühlbacher)
  6. Holzmusik (C. Cech)
  7. Do You Know What Time It Is?** (F. Fennes)
  8. Graf Pötti (oder die Blueswurst)** (C. Mühlbacher)
  9. Maultrommel (C. Mühlbacher)
  10. Loko Motiv (C. Cech)

Clemens Salesny, Martin Gasser*, Fabian Rucker, Romed Hopfgartner*, Christian Kronreif, Manfred Balasch, Florian Fennes – reeds
Aneel Soomary, Andi Pranzl, Martin Ohrwalder, Walter Fend – trumpet
Werner Wurm, Alois Eberl, Christian Radovan* – trombone
Gerald Pöttinger – bass-trombone
Alex Rindberger – tuba
Christoph Cech – conductor, piano, composition
Martin Nitsch – guitar
Tibor Kövesdi – bass
Lukas Knöfler – drums
Charly Petermichl – electronics
Christian Mühlbacher – conductor, percussion, composition

*auch Track 2, Track 7 & 8 statt Salesny, Rucker & Eberl

Live At Porgy & Bess / Wien 12.11.11 & ** 10.06.13
Recording: Martin Vetters
Editing, Mix & Master: Christian Mühlbacher, Ing. Karl Petermichl


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