Max Nagl Ensemble

live at porgy & bess vienna

Rude Noises CD 020

  1. Rafzn Stew
  2. Latten Pieler
  3. Outaien
  4. Norden
  5. Ippen Erger
  6. Abgeschobenes Kinderlied
  7. Spielplatz
  8. Blowing Bubbles
  9. Schlafende Griechin
  10. Eine Ansage
  11. I mog my Kua ned hiatn

All compositions by Max Nagl

Pamelia Kurstin – theremin
Joanna Lewis – violin
Anne Harvey-Nagl – violin
Max Nagl – soprano, alto, tenor, baritone saxophones
Clemens Salesny – clarinet, alto, tenor saxophones
Philip Yaeger – trombone
Clemens Wenger – keyboards
Raphael Preuschl – bass
Herbert Pirker – drums

Recorded live on 25.1.2012 at Porgy & Bess, Vienna, Austria by Werner Angerer
Mixed and mastered by Werner Angerer
Photographs – Helmut Rizy
Graphics – Nona


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