Markus Geiselhart Orchestra

my instrument is the orchestra

Jive Music JM-2082-2










  1. My Instrument Is The Orchestra (Comp. & arr. by M. Geiselhart)
  2. Crazy Concepts From Vienna (Comp. & arr. by M. Geiselhart)
  3. I Remember Hans And Marcus (Comp. & arr. by M. Geiselhart)
  4. Homecoming (Comp. & arr. by M. Geiselhart)
  5. Brainwash (Comp. & arr. by M. Geiselhart & M. Koller)
  6. Airport St. Petersburg (Comp. & arr. by M. Geiselhart)
  7. The Spirit Of Don Ellis (Comp. & arr. by M. Geiselhart)
  8. Just A Short Idea (Comp. & arr. by M. Geiselhart)
  9. Think About It! (Comp. & arr. by M. Geiselhart)


Clemens Salesny (lead) – alto saxophone, saxello, bass clarinet
Romed Hopfgartner – alto saxophone, soprano saxophone
Thomas Kugi – tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, clarinet
Sophie Hassfurther – tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute
Herwig Gradischnig – baritone saxophone, bass clarinet

Aneel Soomary (lead) – trumpet, flugelhorn
Tobias Reisacher – trumpet, flugelhorn
Mario Rom – trumpet, flugelhorn
German Marstatt – trumpet, flugelhorn

Dominik Stöger (lead) – trombone, euphonium
Mario Vavti – trombone, euphonium
Alois Eberl – trombone, euphonium
Erik Hainzl – bass trombone, tuba

Martin Koller – guitar (except 9) and big drum on 1 and 3
Stefan Thaler – double bass, electric bass (except 9)
Mario Lackner – drums on 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8
Thomas Käfel – drums on 2

Markus Geiselhart – conductor

Special guest:
Herbert Joos – flugelhorn soloist on “I Remember Hans And Marcus”

Paul Gritsch – alto saxophone, flute replaced Romed Hopfgartner on 3, 5, 9
Tobias Reisacher – trumpet, flugelhorn replaced Aneel Soomary on 3, 5, 9
Axel Mayer – trumpet, flugelhorn replaced Tobias Reisacher on 3, 5, 9
Philipp Fellner – trombone, euphonium replaced Alois Eberl on 3, 5, 9

Recorded at: Tonstudio Baumann (Steinakirchen, Austria) in September 2015 (
Recording, editing, mixing and mastering engineer: Roland Baumann jr.
Recording assistance by: Tobias Hoffmann
Edited by: Roland Baumann jr., Tobias Hoffmann and Markus Geiselhart in October 2015
Mixed & mastered by: Roland Baumann jr., Martin Koller and Markus Geiselhart in October/November 2015
Except “Brainwash”, remix and sound design by: Martin Koller

Cover text by: Markus Geiselhart, liner notes by: Thomas Wördehoff
Cover design: graphics by: Gottfried Moritz
Portrait drawing & instrument collage by: Herbert Joos
Photography by: Sabine Pfeifer, Roland Baumann sen., Clemens Salesny

Produced by: Jazz Orchestra Productions Vienna and Markus Geiselhart for Jive Music