Harry Pepl & Clemens Salesny/Martin Bayer/Peter Primus Frosch/Agnes Heginger












  1. Hurtig Gurtig (Pepl/Salesny/Bayer)
  2. Drauf und Dran (Pepl/Heginger/Frosch/Salesny/Bayer)
  3. Five Steps (Pepl/Bayer/Salesny/Heginger/Frosch)
  4. Frischwärts (Pepl/Salesny/Bayer)
  5. Fugendichtung (Pepl/Salesny/Bayer/Heginger)
  6. Single Swing (Pepl/Salesny)
  7. Jo Mai (Pepl/Heginger/Salesny/Bayer)
  8. Gregorian (Pepl/Salesny/Bayer/Heginger/Frosch)
  9. Scat Pat (Pepl/Bayer/Frosch/Salesny)
  10. ECMoments (Pepl/Salesny/Bayer)
  11. Das Lied (Pepl/Salesny)
  12. Lonely Solo Swing (Pepl)

All songs published by Fullmax Publishing (2015)


  1. Halley’s Comet Light Blue Blues
  2. Schikaneder Delight I
  3. 125:250
  4. Camomile-Tea
  5. Die alte Mär & das Mann
  6. Luft, Liebe und Vitamine (Lyrics: A. Heginger)
  7. Bikebreaker
  8. Eye Of The Groundhog
  9. Dinozzo
  10. Scalefox
  11. Tintenfisch-Inki…
  12. …Goes Country
  13. Schikaneder Delight II

All songs composed by Harry Pepl and published by Fullmax Publishing (2015)


Harry Pepl – guitar, guitar synthesizer, guitar synthesizer bass, piano, synthesizers, vocals, pan flute, drums, percussion
Clemens Salesny – alto saxophone, c melody saxophone, bass clarinet, vocals, cracklebox, percussion
Martin Bayer – guitar, vocals
Peter Primus Frosch – drums, percussion, cracklebox, vocals
Agnes Heginger – vocals

Herbert Joos – fluegelhorn (CD2 – 06)
Alex Meissl – e-bass (CD2 – 10 & 12)
Mario Rom – trumpet (CD2 – 03)
Clemens Wenger – keys, electronics (CD2 – 10)

Recorded at Primitive Studios, Vienna (www.primitive.at) from July 26th to August 3rd 2015 and October 22nd 2015 by Thomas Zalud and Dieter Stemmer
Herbert Joos was recorded by Roland Baumann, jr. on September 23rd 2015
Mixed and Mastered at Fullmax Studio, Vienna (www.fullmax.at) by Daniel Pepl
Produced by Daniel Pepl
Artwork and Cover: Manulli by Ania Radziszewska (www.her-name-is-manulli.com)
Photography: Manulli by Ania Radziszewska, all other photographs are taken from Harry Pepl’s private archive.
Translation: Philip Yaeger

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