Gina Schwarz – Richard Oesterreicher


ATS Records CD 0678

  1. Cape Cod (G. Schwarz)
  2. Introduction (G. Schwarz)
  3. June 28 (G. Schwarz)
  4. Sound Of Air (Schwarz/Oesterreicher)
  5. Ududuction (G. Schwarz)
  6. Orient Sun (G. Schwarz)
  7. Caps & Rags (G. Schwarz)
  8. Noce Italiana (G. Schwarz / Arr.: R. Oesterreicher)
  9. Room 77 (H. Otahal)
  10. Piano Rooms (G. Schwarz)
  11. Rain In Spain (G. Schwarz)
  12. Sakura (G. Schwarz)
  13. Peace (H. Silver)

Richard Oesterreicher – harmonica
Herbert Otahal – piano
Gina Schwarz – bass
Harry Tanschek – drums

Clemens Salesny – bassclarinet
Woody Schabata – vibraphone
Primus Sitter – guitar
Iris Camaa – percussion
Chrisoula Kombottis, Gerda Breslmayr – violin
Lena Frankhauser – viola
Teodora Mitewa – cello

Recorded at Tom Ton Studio and Studio University Vienna
Mixed and Mastered at Artis Studio Vienna 2008 by Rudi Mille & Robert Eder
Poetry by Barbara Bruckmüller
Produced by Gina Schwarz and Richard Oesterreicher


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