Flip Philipp

Bad follows good

Homebase CD 231301

  1. Bad Follows Good
  2. Soft Arm Chair
  3. Women and Work (is what it’s all about)
  4. Easier to Sell (harder to achieve) #
  5. Honolulu Lilly #
  6. Put me on the (f…n) Radio
  7. Strictly Commercial
  8. Policeman in Heaven
  9. Waiting for Nellie

All Compositions by Flip Philipp

Flip Philipp – vibraphone
Raphael Preuschl – bass
Christian Salfellner – drums
Herb Pirker – drums on #
Clemens Salesny – reeds
Lorenz Raab – trumpet

Recorded 6, 7 October 2003 by Rens Newland at Bizzy Man Studio
Produced by Flip Philipp
Mastered by Kurt Richter, Homebase Recording Studio, Vienna
Coverphoto by Philipp Horak
Design by Christian Manser and Johanna Schoenberger at d+, Vienna

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