Flip Philipp – Ed Partyka Dectet


FP Records

  1. Let’s (F. Philipp)
  2. The Turn Into A Pumpkin (F. Philipp)
  3. Mosaic Blues (E. Partyka)
  4. Planet B612 (F. Philipp)
  5. United New Age (Ouverture) (E. Partyka)
  6. A Long Winter (E. Partyka)
  7. United New Age (Super Sonic Emotional Deodorant) (E. Partyka)
  8. So Rare (F. Philipp)
  9. Over Heard (Behind Walls) (F. Philipp)
  10. Opium (F. Philipp)
  11. Get Happy (Prayer Version) (Arlen/Koehler)

Flip Philipp – vibraphone, marimba
Ed Partyka – bass-trombone, vocals
Klaus Gesing – soprano saxophone, bassclarinet
Pepe Auer, Clemens Salesny, Gerald Preinfalk – alto saxophone, bassclarinet
Tobias Weidinger, Daniel Nösig – trumpet
Robert Bachner – trombone
Christian Salfellner – drums
Robert Jukic – bass

Recorded at the Wiener Konzerthaus Studio C on 4 & 5 July, 2006
Mixed at Feedback Studio 1 by Ollmann
Mastered by Reinhard Buchta at Feedback Studio B
Produced by Ed Partyka & Flip Philipp for FP Records
Design by Flip Philipp, Andreas Pawluk & Juliane Sonntag
Packaging Design by Christian Manser for Dform Vienna

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