Flip Philipp – Ed Partyka Dectet

something wrong with you?

FP Records

  1. Put Me On The F***ing Radio *
  2. Never Go To Bed On An Empty Stomach
  3. Bad Follows Good #
  4. Waiting For Nellie *
  5. Women & Work #
  6. Honolulu Lilly *
  7. Singin’ In The Bathtub
  8. Muse
  9. Commercial (Intro)
  10. Strictly Commercial *

All compositions and arrangements by Flip Philipp
except: # arranged by Klaus Gesing * arranged by Ed Partyka

Flip Philipp – vibraphone
Ed Partyka – bass-trombone, tuba
Robert Bachner – trombone
Lorenz Raab, Daniel Nösig – trumpet
Clemens Salesny, Gerald Preinfalk – alto saxophone, bassclarinet
Klaus Gesing – soprano saxophone, bassclarinet
Raphael Preuschl – bass
Christian Salfellner – drums

Recorded at Bahnhof Records by Ed T. on June 9th/10th, 2005
Mastered by Patrick Pulsinger at Feedback Studio One, Vienna
Cover Art by Fanny Arnold in coop. with Andreas Pawlik at D+, Vienna.
Produced by Flip Philipp

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