Clemens Salesny/Clemens Wenger

Die wilden jahre

JazzWerkstatt Records JWR 04/05

  1. Grey Men Shark Ballad (C. Wenger)
  2. Stuffed Chicken (C. Salesny)
  3. SpielChen 1 (Salesny/Wenger)
  4. Ecclusiastics (C. Mingus)
  5. SpielChen 2 (Salesny/Wenger)
  6. The Gentle Art Of Love (O. Pettiford)
  7. SpielChen 3 (Salesny/Wenger)
  8. Mei Muattal woa a Weanarin (L. Gruber/arr. C. Wenger)
  9. Collage pour le Teife (C. Wenger)
  10. SpielChen 4 (Salesny/Wenger)
  11. Kleines Märchen und wieda zruck (C. Wenger)
  12. Ich gehe mit meiner Laterne (Traditional/arr. C. Wenger)

Clemens Salesny – alto-, soprano-, sopranino saxophones, bassclarinet, trumpet
Clemens Wenger – piano

Recorded October 8th and 9th, 2005 at Kaisersaal, Klaviergalerie Wendl & Lung, Vienna by Werner Angerer
Mixed and Mastered by Werner Angerer
Photos by Rainer Rygalyk
Graphic Design by Moritz Altersberger/Christian Murzek
Produced by Clemens Salesny/Clemens Wenger
© 2005 JazzWerkstatt Records

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