Andreas Mayerhofer’s Dirt Stream

inside the musical clock

3504 Productions Nr. 1

  1. Children’s Piece (A. v. Webern)
  2. Titatata (A. Mayerhofer)
  3. 2nd Movement from String Quartet Op. 76, No. 3 (J. Haydn)
  4. Kind of “All Blues” (M. Davis)
  5. Wie es das Licht macht (A. Mayerhofer)
  6. Prelude No. 2 from Preludes Op. 74 (A. Skrjabin)
  7. Prelude No. 3 from Preludes Op. 74 (A. Skrjabin)
  8. Dirt Stream (A. Mayerhofer)
  9. Op. 6 from “14 Bagatelles for solo piano” (B. Bartok)
  10. Fugue in B from “Ludus Tonalis” (P. Hindemith)
  11. Epilogue (musical clock, 19th century)

Clemens Salesny – clarinets, alto saxophone
Michael Bruckner – guitars
Andreas Mayerhofer – piano
Christian Wendt – double bass
Wolfgang Kendl – drums

All arrangements by Andreas Mayerhofer
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Martin Mayer (, Jan., Feb. and Aug. 2003
Recording location: “That’s Jazz”, Krems-Stein, Austria
Cover Design by Andreas Mayerhofer (photo: inside the musical clock)
© 2003 by 3504 Productions

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