300 Bass-Sluts

freaks of nature


  1. Feudor (R. Punzenberger)
  2. Gazing Out Of The Window (A. Krausböck)
  3. Freaks Of Nature (A. Krausböck)
  4. Baby Steps (A. Krausböck)
  5. Kikkomänner (Krausböck/Punzenberger/Salesny/Osanna)
  6. Anamieke (A. Krausböck)
  7. Hao di do hi (A. Krausböck)
  8. Montag 2043 (Krausböck/Punzenberger/Salesny/Osanna)
  9. Last Wednesday (A. Krausböck)
  10. Short Cuts (A. Krausböck)
  11. So was Potschats (A. Krausböck)
  12. Olio Saxo * (Krausböck/Punzenberger/Salesny/Osanna/Dickbauer/Fennes)

Andy Krausböck – guitar, guitar synthesizer
Clemens Salesny – alto-, soprano saxophones, bassclarinet
Bernhard Osanna – bass, e-bass
Roland Punzenberger – drums, samples

* Guests:
Stephan Dickbauer – tenor saxophone
Florian Fennes – baritone saxophone

Recorded by Herwig Wagner at the Spirit Production, Hans Wagner & Daniel Fritz
* Recorded live at JazzWerkstatt Wien
Mixed by Roland Punzenberger
Mastered by Audiobomber at Castle Mastering
Cover Artwork by David Hüttner


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